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"So glad to have found Dana. She’s helped me make more improvements in the areas where I needed therapy and has done so more efficiently than any other physical therapist that I have ever been treated by. She listened to my concerns and after completing a physical assessment, brought to my attention several things that were adding to the issues that I came to her with, that I was completely not piecing together with the issues that I was struggling with. Between the physical therapy, doing the prescribed exercises and putting in to place the adjustments that she suggested could make to my every day life, I am experiencing much needed relief, and am so thankful for Dana’s care. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing physical therapy. "
Dec 29, 2022
"When I came into Sweetgrass I could barely walk a mile without being in pain. I was in pain when I sat down too and I'm a 29 year old male that weighs 125 lbs. I had old sport injuries to my right hip, knee, and ankle. I wasn't able to run anymore without collapsing from my knee giving out. Running is my passion so it was depressing to be in that state. I had been in physical therapy elsewhere for 2 years still doing the same exercises with little progress. At Sweetgrass I was in therapy for a couple of months. Now I'm doing backflips at the park and running like a new man without doing physical therapy exercises anymore! It's truly a miracle and I am blessed to have my life back. Dana is genuinely a healer. I highly recommend this practice."
Jul 11, 2022
"I was really happy with the “Sweetgrass Experience.”. Both Jimi & Dana exhibited a level of humanness & technical competence that made me feel good about myself & my innate ability to make progress with the condition I saw them for. The therapy was also quite useful to me, as were the instructions for on-going exercises I can do to maintain improvements. I also very much appreciated their senses of humor."
Jan 06, 2022
"I had a wonderful experience at sweet Grass physical therapy. I was impressed with the dedication towards me, and if had a question or concerns about anything they always made sure I felt comfortable and explained everything as possible. I was a patient for several years I Have CP Or cerebral palsy. They did an excellent job Maintaining my condition And helping me get better. I would Definitely recommend this Facility excellent people excellent people to work with"
Jan 01, 2022
"Dear all Dana was my physical therapist after my back surgery. I worked got UPS as a delivery driver. She got me going and back to work. I had many problems after I went back to work. She would wait for me after I got off work. She would give me a message, and tell me everything would be alright. This women saved my life…literally. My pain level was so high after I would get off work. She made it better. If you have the opportunity to see Dana @ SweetGRASS PT, you are lucky! She is the best!"
Dec 31, 2021
"Dana has magic hands!"
Dec 31, 2021
"I am so thankful to have met Dana. The back pain I had for many years is now gone. I feel like I have my life back!"
Dec 31, 2021
"Sweetgrass physical therapy and wellness is a game changer! I have had chronic pain from being hit by an automobile while walking over ten years ago and after just a couple sessions with Dana I have improved range of motion and less pain in the same areas that I used to feel pain and numbness in. Dana is focused on problem solving the specific needs of her clients. She is kind and attentive and sharp. I can tell because she is always compassionate, actively listening to my stories about my body even if they aren't always relevant to the healing we are doing. Her vision of care is holistic and her energy is grounding and reassuring. She is a practitioner that respects the body and it's feedback and she never forces any movements that aren't okay. Dana truly honors the body. She creates a safe space to communicate and offers such wonderfully helpful physical therapy so you can begin to feel good again. Highly recommended!"
Dec 13, 2021
Sep 27, 2021

Dearest Dana,

Thanks so much for your care and human touch! You are a professional with a genuine vocation to help others. I felt secure in your hands and your kind and generous attitude made me trust in your advice and exercises.

DP (February 2, 2021)

Dearest Dana,

Thank for your your significant and amazing work in helping me recover from my injuries. At our very first session I knew I was in good hands. You are knowledgable and skilled in the use of a wide range of techniques and professional in their applications. Did I mention personable too? How about awesome? I also appreciate the tools you gave me to maintain flexibility, strength and alignment on my own. It has been a relief and pleasure having you as my PT. You rock!

AB (2020)

Dana and Jimi,

I give my most sincere thanks to you all for making me whole again. The last several years have been extremely difficult as I was barely able to walk. It is funny that something simple like mobility can make such a difference in daily living. You all have been kind, upbeat and challenged me appropriately. I sing your praises to whoever will listen. I will always remember my therapy as a positive experience, and I know my husband is happy to have his wife back. Thanks, MB

MB (2018)

Dear Dana,

Never in a million years would I’ve imagined I’d look forward to physical therapy! You have been so attentive and kind as well as a good conversationalist :). Best wishes for your future new office! Hugs, MF

MF (2018)


You are so amazing! Thank you for your help getting my entire body up and running from my shoulders, ribs, knees, my back and even my posture. Your life of improving my range of motion and elimination of discomfort will always be remembered. Thank you so much!

LB (2017)