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###FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE### 05/24/2018


Sweetgrass Physical Therapy & Wellness owners Dana Hughes PT, MPT, OCS, LMT, Jimi Hughes and Ann Nankervis announced today they will be closing Montana operations of their physical therapy practice effective Thursday, June 21st 2018. The Hughes family is moving out of state.

“We thank the community for their support and patronage over the years. Our business has been a great success and it has been our pleasure to help people regain function.”

The office will be providing services to current and former patients up to the 21st of June. New patients are welcome to schedule with the understanding that the episode of care may not be complete before closing. Patients needing continued care will be transitioned to other therapy providers in the area. Physical Therapy services are available at Northern Rockies Medical Center in Cut Bank (873-3670) and at Marias Medical Center in Shelby (434-3200).

Massage therapy will continue to be offered until closing on June 21st.

Customers may contact the office as needed for billing questions, records requests or other concerns by calling 873-2024. Those needing to contact the office after June 21st, may call (406)450-8218 or send a message to sweetgrasspt@yahoo.com.


Our main Services Overview

We are "In Network"

Sweetgrass Physical Therapy is a Preferred Provider for most major insurances. If you find that we are not in your network, we will work with you and your insurance company to get you the best solution for your quality care.


Medicare, Medicaid, and VA...

We believe that all patients deserve the quality care we provide. Unlike many of our competitors, we accept any insurances that you may have including both Medicare, and Medicaid.

We try to help anyone who is in need, and if we can't we will point you in the right direction so you can begin helaing as quickly as possible.


Workers Compensation

There is nothing worse than being hurt on the job. We understand your position, and work with your adjuster and doctors to be sure you get exactly the care you need so your time lost is minimal. Your therapy is always tailored for your specific needs, and we consider your personal work environment when creating your plan of care.


Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Our staff has a reputation for helping people heal. In our initial visit we sit down with you and review your medical records to see how you got where you are, where we can expect to get you, and the most efficient path for your recovery. EACH patient is unique and so is the care we give you. Our programs are tailored for you to enahnce your body's natural healing process and get you back to a healthy life as soon as possible.


Special Ambulatory Needs

Our facility is equipped with the only "SoloStep"© ambulatory support system within Montana. When we designed our building, it was included in the archetect's plans. It had to be! It is an integral part of our structure, and can support up to 600 pounds. We have multiple harnesses for any size person, and it supports you like a parachute set-up.There is no fear, no falling, only confidence as you relearn to be ambulatory.


State of the Art Equipment

In addition to our SoloStep©, our office has a "ShuttleRecovery" unit, which was originally designer for NASA Astronauts to maintain muscle mass while in sapce. Some other specialized equipment is our "BioStep" recumbent cycle, "BioDex" arm cycle, SciFit bicycle, and a SportsART Fitness Treadmill.

We also have the standard weight systems, stairs, parallel bars, and freeweights. There even is a private room for patients who need a more personalized session.


"Stay Tuned"

When you finish with your therapy, one of the major concerns is maintaining your health in the peak condition you've achieved. We offer the "Stay Tuned" program which allows recent patients to continue to use our facility's ammenities at a minimal cost. Each program is custom designed with your individual needs considered so you get the most out of your workout. You even can workout anytime our office is open!


Location, Location, Location!

Our Award Winning building is really special. We personally designed it with the help of architects who've specialized in healthcare facilities. In addition to our beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains through any of our large and unique windows, the spacious gym area offers the most flexible arrangement of equipment guaranteeing you get the best care anywhere.

We have a spacious parking area, and are handicap accessible.